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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

    Avatar LIS
    Avatar LIS

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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules Empty Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

    Post by Avatar LIS on Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:56 pm

    Subject to change

    The Avatar game is a little complicated, and a wildly different format from mafia and RPGs You don't have to have seen the shows but it would be easier for you to follow if you have. Here's what's different about this game

    The game is about choice, more than anything. All roles have more than one power, and often they will choose one (or none) of them. Some roles will also be able to choose sides. This makes the game more strategic and unpredictable.
    Evolution. The game will evolve with the Avatar (Aang), and other characters will evolve with the game.
    Alignment. This game is not about Good vs. Evil. It's more Tyranny vs. Freedom. No one acts of pure evil or good, and everyone acts for what they think is best. There is also more than just two sides. Third parties and other factions are present in the game and they can serve as resources to other parties, while pursuing goals of their own.
    Numbers. No more number advantage for "good guys". As opposed to convention, the "good guys" are chaotic and the "Fire Nation" are organised. Accordingly, the "Fire Nation" have a much higher ability than any other faction. Unaligned players may join other factions.
    Fight Scenes: Almost all of the characters will get involved in an action every night/day. Therefore, there can be some unexpected consequences. Some characters are trained in combat and their votes will weigh more. Some characters can escape deadly situations. The next person with the most votes will be incarcerated (sit out the rest of the game - till the next one). The day polls may not always be resolved as expected. This will also encourage people to vote whoever they think is the enemy, and will downplay bandwagons.

    The Rules:

    Common Courtesy and What Happens in Avatar

    Most important of all it's a game and remember, what happens in Avatar, stays in Avatar. Please do not hold a grudge against other players, or, if you are the grudge-holding type then do not participate.

    The Cycle

    The game will have the same process as the others: Each turn will start with a Night, where combat takes place, and is followed by a day, where some powers may also be used. Then a new cycle begins....

    [N] Nights last 24hrs. Actions not sent will be considered 'missed'. There will be no posting to the thread during Nights.
    [D] Day one will last 36hrs consecutive days 24 hrs. from N2 Closure time will be 12:00 GMT.
    The object is to keep the game flowing, but since there are so many possibilities of the outcomes of days and nights, some preparation will delay the D/N posts, so don't get frustrated if the posts take a little time.

    Every power decision will be made at night, including those that will take effect during the day. For example, if Katara decides to make a day capture, she will have to include this decision in her PM the night before.

    You may post your PMs before the night officially starts. That would definitely help make the game flow.

    Since some powers allow reactions, a night might take longer than usual. To avoid delay, it is encouraged that players send their reactions to possible events beforehand whenever they can. For example, Katara has the option to capture or not to capture a Firebender once she finds one. She can include her choice in her PM with a statement like "My target tonight is [player]. If he is Firenation, capture him." or "If he is Fire Nation, capture him during the day." Note that the latter involves a second power choice included in the same statement.


    It's hard to imagine that people wouldn't know who was targeted in the scene. Day lynch will reveal the role completely Some will be revealed as there faction only. Night scenes do not reveal player.

    B.T.S.C. (Behind The Scenees Contact).

    Players are not allowed to have BTSC with each other unless a PM from the host specifically says so.

    Temporarily Captured Players

    Being captured is a special condition a player might be subject to.

    Capture is considered a hidden act, so captured players can post in the thread and vote as always. But they are considered role-blocked and protected. Specifically, they may not:
    Continue BTSC if they have any.
    Use their powers at night.
    Be subject to any power other than those of the party that captured them.
    Reveal that they are captured.

    Olive text

    If you are permanently captured, you may not speculate on any events involved with the game. We ask that you all use the "Ovlive text", so everyone can easily differentiate between posts of players still in the game - best to not post or just post a thanks to the game host/moderator and wish EVERYONE luck - then post no more if you wish to continue watching or you will be removed from that group.

    Vote Rule

    No Vote: Means no night action.
    Please remember that your vote is very important as some powers provide weighted/spoiling votes, and others allow the player to "dodge the bullet", which means the next candidate can be the casualty.
    Vote without reason/statement: Should you vote but not specify with some reasoning, it is considered a no vote
    Day one: Random we know, by the end of the first day we will have some clues and by then you should have stated more. For D1 only there will be some tolerance allowance. but 36 hrs for D1 is ample.

    Personal Messages

    Do not paste or re-create PMs in any form, especially host mssgs, in part or as a whole, in this thread, in other PMs or any public place, regardless of their relevance to the game. PMs that are sent to the host should not involve any other recipient than the host and those you have BTSC with. Paraphrasing PMs from other players you have BTSC with is allowed. Bottom line - posting is about interaction in the thread between players.

    Replacement Rule

    If a player does not vote during a poll, they will be issued a warning. If they don't come on or give an explanation before the next poll is up, they will be replaced.

    If a player is not available anymore, or repeatedly breaks the rules, or causes problems, they will be replaced.

    Basically it means whoever needs to go will be removed and the role given to a new player or an unused faction. This way, important roles will not be lost just because the player decided not to participate anymore. further you may be banned for one month
    Non participation will be considered a future ban; as far as I am concerned it is flagrantly rude to the host and all the players that are contributing.

    RC/CC Role or Character claim

    Claiming and counter-claiming for strategic reasons are allowed - if under pressure in the poll, claiming for claiming sake is not - your action will be at zero in the next phase. the host may introduce the RID captures

    Grey Areas

    Sometimes the rules aren't as clear as you need them to be. When you're in doubt about whether you can do something, ask the host. Unless you get permission, please do not do it.


    By default, you can choose only one of the powers your character has every night. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are generalized by these terms:
    [R] Role i.d Capture (RID): Each faction gets two unstoppable RIDs, this does not include the non aligned roles, can not used on roles that are spied on. (optional rule by host)
    [X] Special Power: This power can be used only once in each book. Once you use it, it's expended for that book.
    [T] Triggered Power: A trigger event has to happen for this power to be used. If the character has already decided on using another power, the Triggered Power may cancel that. By default, a Triggered Power resolves at the end of the initiative order.
    [E] Extra Power: This power can be used in addition to any number of powers used in the same round.
    [A] Automatic Power: This power is automatic, it is always effective, any other power will be canceled

    Activated Power: is a power without the [P] or [T] attributes.

    "You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength." - Iroh
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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules Empty Re: Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

    Post by alex on Wed May 25, 2011 1:05 am

    so much rulez. Good to know about the whole game! Cheers!
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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules Empty Re: Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

    Post by michael93 on Fri May 27, 2011 1:58 am

    wow, great based rulez. Keep it like that!
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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules Empty Re: Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

    Post by tomjordan1980 on Sat May 28, 2011 1:37 am

    Well based rules, hope that all are implemented on!

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    Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules Empty Re: Rules of conduct - Overview - General Rules

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